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This is the Games As A Service Podcast presented by Oscar Clark, Everyplay Evangeslist.

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In this the second of out series of podcasts we are looking at how we move from the initial creative idea into something which resembles a game. 

Hosted by Oscar Clark in this epsode Oscar continues his discussions with Mike Bithell (Thomas Was Alone), Johannes Vurorinen (Frogmind), Andy Gibson (Team Pesky), Ben Fisher (Radient Worlds), Jonathan Alpine (Hutch Games) and Clive Lindop (Creative Assembly) asking them to share their experiences of the challenges of realisign a game.  

How do we know we have something which is fun and how do we approach the process of delivering an experience that others will want to play and pay for. We talk about the importance of a shared vision, of delivering a minimum awesome product as well of the dangers of tinkering too long.  We also aim to compare the process from the AAA perspective to the indie start-up as well as the perspective of building games as work for hire.

Special thanks to all my guest speakers and Everyplay from Applifier for making this podcast possible.


Everyplay is the free SDK which allows players to automatically record and share their favourite gameplay moments on mobile devices from Applifier.

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